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Welcome to the TLA Network 

The TLA Network exists to support and promote individuals and organizations that use the spoken, written, or sung word as a tool for personal and community transformation.

Our mission is to foster the growth of the field and profession of Transformative Language Arts (TLA), by providing spaces, both physical and electronic, where people interested in TLA can share resources, network, learn, and enhance their capacity to practice it in their communities. 

We offer:

We're doing it again!

Join us for our August Virtual Salon

Aug. 11, 2024 at 5 PM EDT | 9 PM UTC

Come spend time with TLArtists like you.

The presenters are all TLAN members sharing their world-changing words and there's time for an artist talk-back, and audience questions. (April's Salon sparked some really wonderful conversations!)

If you're a TLAN member whose membership is current, you can still send us a presenter proposal until Sunday, July 21, 2024.

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2024 Power of Words Conference

Plein-air learning at Unity Village.
Labyrinth at Unity Village
Happy TLArtists!
Quiet moment at Unity Village
Birds-eye view of Unity Village

September 26-29, 2024, Unity Village, Kansas City, MO

Join the Power of Words Conference to explore the written, spoken and sung word to find how it can bring liberation, celebration and transformation within our communities. 

Network with writers, storytellers, performers, musicians, health professionals, educators, and change-makers to connect with those who share your passion of making a difference with words.  

Check out the conference details and discover our keynoters -- Ada Cheng, Glenn North, Marianela Medrano, and Exodus Brownlow and the musicians and poets laureate bringing their artistry and experience to the conference. 


Discover diversity and experience visionary voices at keynote sessions. Get inspired with workshops in five areas:  Social Transformation, Right Livelihood, Engaged Spirituality, Narrative Healing and Ecological TLA.

The important stuff:

Early Bird pricing has been extended to August 1st!

Conference Schedule


Certificate in TLA Foundations

The TLAF Certificate is an introduction to the principles and practice of TLA with opportunities for reflecting and acting on ethical work and sound facilitation, community networking, and how you can make TLA an integral part of your life and work.

Through the program you will enhance your:

  • Knowledge of the theory, ethics, and practice of TLA

  • Personal and professional TLA practice

  • Skills in course design and facilitation

  • Creative and critical writing ability

  • Skills in thoughtful discussion and feedback

  • Connection to a community of compassionate changemakers

To learn more, visit our Certificate in TLA Foundations page.


Experienced Transformative Language Artists Welcome! 

We actively seek classes on a variety of TLA genres – writing, storytelling, theatre-making, expressive arts, etc., as well as mixed-mediums (such as storytelling and writing) – and on a variety of topics, such as health and healing, social transformation, right livelihood, engaged spirituality, and ecological literacy.

We envision our online classes as one way we can support TLArtists making a living and creating work of meaning that serves their community.

For more information, visit our Teach For the Network page.


Why become a TLAN member?

“Within TLAN, I’ve experienced a profound sense of validity, of acceptance and support, that goes far beyond camaraderie. It’s inspirational, and it’s practical. It motivates me, and it provides tools and ideas that inform every aspect of my work. TLAN classes, conferences, and programs have expanded and deepened my own creative work; pieces begun as class assignments have been published and are forthcoming. Shared advice and discoveries from other members has enriched and extended my coaching practice, helping me help others tell their stories.”

– Judy Brenneman

Learn more about TLAN membership


Help us grow, deepen, and expand Transformative Language Arts in the world.

The TLA Network serves as a supportive community of thoughtful and engaged practitioners, activists, health professionals, educators, artists, change-makers and community leaders dedicated to making the world a better place.

As a non-profit, the TLA Network relies on memberships, event registrations, and contributions from individuals like you to support our programming. To make a contribution, click on the button below.

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The TLA Network exists to support and promote individuals and organizations that use the spoken, written, or sung word as a tool for personal and community transformation.

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