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Not Enough Spoons: Writing About Disability & Chronic Illness // with Angie Ebba

  • 16 February 2022
  • 30 March 2022
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  • Early bird rate available through 2/01! Regular price is $285.

In the disability community many people prescribe to the spoon theory. This theory is a way of describing the ways a sick or disabled person has to ration out their energy in order to get through the day. 

As a disabled person dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, I, Angie Ebba, know that many days I don’t have enough “spoons” to do the things I need or want to do. Likewise, people living with chronic illness face similar challenges.

I have found writing to be a very healing act for me, both in allowing myself to accept the feelings I’m having, but also to give words to the things going on in my body and mind, both for myself as well as for others wondering about why or how I’m sick.

This class investigates the healing aspects of writing for those with disability and chronic illness, and will provide participants the opportunity to write and share their own narratives.

Week by Week

Week One will begin with an overview of chronic illness and disability and how creative writing can add to our personal understanding and healing.

Week Two and Three will look at the ways that the practice of writing can help us deal with and manage illness and disability.

Week Four will discuss ways we can use writing to broaden awareness about disability and chronic illness.

Week Five will investigate systems of self-care and how we can integrate writing and creativity into our self-care routines.

Week Six will look at ways we can access our creative outlets when we are out of spoons or aren’t otherwise able to do writing in the ways we would most like to.

Who Should Take This Class

Anyone with disability or chronic illness who is interested in exploring this more through writing, as well as those who facilitate workshops for people living with disability or chronic illness, or caregivers/medical professionals, etc. All attempts will be made to make this course as accessible as possible to those participating; if you have specific accessibility needs please contact the facilitator.


This is an online class, hosted on the online teaching platform, Wet InkThe Wet Ink platform allows writers to log in on their own time to post comments and critiques directly to authors’ works. You can also view deadlines, track revisions, and watch video or listen to audio. At the end of the class, each student will receive an email that contains an archive of all their content and interactions. 

The day before class begins, you’ll receive an invitation to join Wet Ink. There are no browser requirements, and Wet Ink is mobile-friendly. If you have any questions about the technical requirements, please emailtlan.coordinator@gmail.com.

Each week will consist of engaging content designed to spark personal reflection, discussion and dynamic writing to be shared in the Wet Ink group forum

Each week will include various texts to help us explore disability and creative modalities that can help us deal with and manage chronic illness and disability, and will include discussions of the readings and our personal experiences, as well as creative writing prompts. Students should plan to spend 3-4 hours per week on the class. However, because our spoons vary day to day, the class will be formatted in a way that is flexible for working when you can and resting when you need.

About the Teacher

Angie Ebba is a queer disabled writer, educator, and performer who has taught writing workshops and performed across the United States. She has poetry published in Closet Cases, Queering Sexual Violence, and several literary magazines. She's also a published essayist with a focus on writing about health and disability, body positivity, and relationships. Angie teaches poetry and writing online and in person. Angie believes strongly in the power of words to help us gain a better understanding of ourselves, to build connections and community, and to make personal and social change. Angie can be found online at rebelonpage.com.

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